Pole Spear Selection Guide:

Purchasing a new PoleSpear can be lots of fun but also confusing with so many options out on the market.

This information can be of assistance in deciding on a LINGHUNT Pole Spear or perhaps a different Manufacturer / Vendor.



Some questions for you to consider....



If you are new to the pole spear game and have a limited budget, a low cost fiberglass pole might be a good starting point. I've killed a lot of fish with a fiberglass pole. I still frequently use a fiberglass pole I found in the ocean some 20 years ago.

If you go this route, take care of your pole and watch for splintering and damage. This is a common advertisement against buying them. I haven't had any issues with them. Maintenance of your fiberglass pole and adding a clear-coat finish can do wonders on extending it's life. A fiberglass pole can take a beating.

The metal joint connections for multi-section poles is one issue. Some are sloppy and loose and not properly mounted for a solid rigid assembly.




Some are tubular and others are solid. Solid poles are heavier and tubular are lighter with the internal space filled with Air. Tubular poles need to be sealed properly so they don't flood with water.

Flooded pole sections are a common event, and some designs actually allow this from the design. The effect of flooded sections can throw off the shot along wih added water mass for a slower shot.

When shopping consider both types and realize this information is missing from discriptions.

Go to LINGHUNT 101 spearfishing Physics section for more details.



Carbon fiber is a modern material, and it can be purchased in solid or tubular material. The strength vs mass ratio makes this the material of choice, not considering cost or durability.

Durability is a concern. Many carbon fiber poles dragged across the rocks are more likely to break.



Bamboo pole spears are another option. Bamboo is an amazing wood, but had to compete with modern materials.

One piece bamboo poles are no so hard to make, but making one that is multi-sectional is difficult. Each pole has to be custom on to it self from non consistent material.

Using a Bamboo pole is more traditional, and pretty cool to get dinner with one.



This is a wide range of poles, amazing the ideas some come up with to put an effective pole together with just a little effort. EMT Conduit, aluminum rods , Bamboo , dowels, PVC, and Carbon fiber are all valid choices.

Remember that a polespear is just a long rod with a point on the end and a rubber on the back side.

There are some strong rewards to making your own pole. If you get stuck and just need some help with a joint or a tip, drop me a line, I would be happy to help.

Young teen divers , building their own polespear is a good project to consider.