The B3121-3 [ 5/8" Dia , 8-1/2 Foot , 5 section ]

B3121-3T Main
-GRIP- TWIST grip with Heat Shrink Cover.
TH1 TH4      




Price : $150


The 5 section has many set-up options. You can Drop out 2 sectons and have a 4-1/2 foot pole for in close hunting (LionFish / Lobsters), add a section behind the grip and have a Reef pole at 6-1/2 foot. Add the last section and have a 8-1/2 foot pole for longer shots.

If you are hunting an area where the fish are a little jumpy, you can take the last section of pole and place it in front of the grip. This will get the pole farther out in front of your body.

Different Setups will require different Band lengths.

Pole Spear Includes Everything you need except a Spear tip.

Included with PoleSpear:




5 YEAR WARRANTY: The LINGHUNT Pole spear has a 5 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship for original Buyer. This doesn’t cover abuse ( Use as a PryBar, Driving over it with Truck, etc) and misuse of the pole spear or the rubber. Contact LEI if you have a problem (